Salem Journal

Alchemist - Primary Proficiency(Natural Philsophy)

What is there left to do when you’ve learned and applied the “laws” that govern modern science?  Break them, of course!  The chemist is not satisfied with simply toiling away at the mundane aspects of life when he can busy himself with altering life altogether. All elements are bounds to be broken by a chemist and armed with her crucible and her tinctures, he sets out day after day to discover new ways to defy the very condition of our world.  Many call it blasphemy, but she calls it progress as she discovers new ways to see, smell, and taste the world to test his latest hypotheses.  Due to the highly volatile nature of alchemical study, most Chemists find themselves liquified, synthesized, or sprayed as a non-Newtonian paste on the parlor wall, so any brave enough to unravel the mysteries of the physical world are usually well-received in most communities - as long as they are kept at a scientifically safe distance when conducting their experiments.





Gardener - Primary Proficiency(Plants & Perennials/Currently Pots & Pans)

One of the most noble and humble professions, the gardener doesn’t mind getting down and dirty.  The bond between man and mud is here most prominent as he works the soil, using sun, water, and his will to create new life in all its green splendor!  Unlike those who may sport a watering can for leisure or hobby, the gardener is a true master of his art.  He can nourish the most tempermental of plant-life or increase the yield of a single sprout several times over what it could normally provide.  Though it was Adam’s cursed son who tilled the fields for our Lord, it’s widely accepted that the New World needs more green thumbs to keep supplies stocked and colonists fed!